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When is the next release?


When is the next production release going to be available? I just checked and 7.2.0 was released 14months ago! That's more than a year ago - it hasn't been an easy year, but still, I kind of expected that Quest has at least a release per year. Personally I hope for a better code editor and code completion. I switched to Sql Prompt, and as coding editor, imo, it beats TSS. However, I don't like SSMS. So right now, I am switching between the two and I don't like it. I want to use only Toad. I strongly recommend the Toad developers to install Sql Prompt and to take a look, write some sql code, and see how responsive it is.


Anyone? There has been more than a month since I posted this, and no answer?

TSS is a great product, more frequent updates would be really appreciated, even if they are smaller updates.

My fear is that TSS is dead. There should have been at least an update in a year.

LOL, far from dead, just a small development team and they only do one release every 12 - 16 months. This is why I'm advocating for more frequent smaller releases.

I hope you are right :crossed_fingers:

Hi folks - Toad SQL Server is definitely not dead. We are onboarding new engineering resources to this product and are expecting a new release in Q1 2022. Right now we are also working on offering a subscription version of the product that will allow for online license management and auto-update (along with other benefits).

That's great news! Thank you

That's good to hear...Hopefully the pricing can be more affordable to small businesses, IT consultants that only have a few clients. :slightly_smiling_face: