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Toad for SQL Server v5.5 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that new 5.5 version of Toad for SQL Server is now

Please go to to find
out what’s new in this release. You’ll also find other useful Toad for SQL
Server information on the Quest website at

Thanks to all of you who have been so active in our beta program and discussion
groups and please be aware that new beta program is starting soon!

Toad for SQL Server Development Team.

When freeware will be available?

On the freeware page there is still only version 5.0.2.

We are working on updating the pages/links.
Update shoud happen later today!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Freeware is available on the link in DOWNLOADS

Does it provide facility to generate stored procedures? Like Stored Procedure Generator, e.g.

Code Generation saves tons of time so please add them if they are not available.