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Where are the PDBs when connecting to CDB in Toad?

We are starting to migrate to the multitenant architecture for our databases. How can I see PDBs when I connect to a CDB? In some old blogs and forums, people refer to the Database browser. I dont see anything like that.

In SQL Developer I can view the 'DBA' area and see my container and a list of PDBS. I can also clone them easily using the GUI. Does Toad not have that capability or something similar for containers?

I much prefer Toad, but in moving to multitenant, I would be disappointed to find they dont have features like they do in SQL Developer. Am I just missing it?

The old blogs that refer to the Database Browser in Toad are correct.

if you have the DB Admin module in Toad, then you'll have the Database Browser where you can clone pluggables, start them up, shut them down, etc. The DB Admin module also includes several other windows..

In the screen shot below, I am connected to the container database and you can see the pluggables and manage them.

Of course, you can connect to any pluggable with any version of Toad. There is no need for the DB Admin module for that.