Where / Calendar Question

I can’t seem to get the following to work - I’m building a query in Query Builder, and one of the columns that I need to set a Where condition on is a DATE column.

But when I use Query Builder, and use the Date Range tab, I can only select an equal-to condition. This query needs to use a value of “greater than yesterday” (which I realize is somewhat odd - but it has to do with the way this table stores dates), and I can’t seem to find anyway of changing the equals-to to a greater-than when using a Gregorian Calendar on the Date Range tab.

I looked at the Customer Calendar option, but it only allows me to build a range.

I know I could also do something like “> sysdate-1” but I’ve used the Date Range feature on the other selects that are a part of this series, and I’m not going to be maintaining them going forward, so I’m trying to make it consistent - if I can’t, that’s fine, I’m just looking to see if there’s something I’ve missed.

Use the Form tab of the where condition editor. See attached.