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Working with partitions in Toad Data Point

I am using Query Builder in Toad Data Point for fairly complex queries. I need to use a partition in my query so it runs faster. The only way I can do this is editing the query and manually adding the partition. Then every time I make a change in query builder, the manual change is removed and I have to add it again.

Is there a way in query builder to select a partition?

how can I make the manual edits permanent so query builder does not remove them when I make changes?

Thank you

Can you send an example the edited query?


The original query using Query builder will add the table like this:


FROM <<table_name>>


I have to manually add the following


FROM <<table_name>> partition (20151100) – work with data of Nov, 2015


The issue is that if I change anything in Query Builder, the partition is removed and I have to manually add it again.

Thank you

Have you tried copying the edited query into editor and then right click, select Advanced and then Send to Query Builder? It will try to visualize the query, I am guessing its going to have trouble as it does not like to visualize complex joins. If you were working with the Where clause you can use the Global Where to code it how you want and it will stay when you change something. I don’t see options for putting in your own code for the From clause.

This sounds like a bug. I entered QAT-6933.


If the table is partitioned on an integer date field then you should be able to use the Where clause to filter on that integer date field between 20151100 and 20151130 and it should use the partition automatically without having to specify the partition in the From clause. You have Debbie on this now so you are in good hands.

Hi Debby-

Any solution to the above issue. I am having the same issue.



No progress yet but we have put it in the 3-month work backlog:)