'Window bar' ?

Is there a Toad for Data Analysis equivalent to Toad’s ‘Window Bar’ that would allow me to see or scroll through all of my open windows?

I get frustrated when I close an existing window/tab and I get an empty desktop when I still have 4 existing ‘windows’ open. It would be nice to have a clickable go-to window control.

I must say I really like the CNTRL+TAB interface, but if i have more than 2-3 windows open it gets frustrating.

I right-clicked in the toolbar area but nothing jumped out at me…

Go to the Windows Menu and at the bottom you will see “window”. Choose this and it will open up a window that displays all the open windows. You can display/activate or Close All windows from there.

Also, if you would prefer to see all of your opened windows all of the time irregardless to connection type, go into the configuration wizard and deselect “hide windows per connection”. Some users perfer this. Some perfer the less cluddered hidding. Your choice.


Thanks Debbie!