Windows 10 Upgrade Compatibility Issues?


I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Since then, I’ve been experiencing issues with Toad Data Point Viewer freezing up on me. I am using version

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?


hi ahoope11,

Unfortunately Toad Data Point Viewer is not supported for Windows 10 anymore. You might want to try out Toad Data Point itself though.


Hi ahoope11,

I installed the Toad Data Point Viewer on Windows 10. I can connect to data and do the operation. What is your problem? Can you provide more information?



Hi Sandy,

I didn’t have issues with the installation, but when I actually try and create a report. It freezes up on me periodically, and it doesn’t seem like there is a pattern to when or why.

Thank you for your response!

Can you give us a detailed set of steps we can test?

  1. How did you set up the data source?

  2. How many rows in the datasource?

  3. What report type are you using?

  4. When does it hang? When clicking on opening the report? Dragging a column to a region?

  5. Does it every come back? Say after 15 minutes? Or do you have to kill the app.

  6. Does the app behave the same way on a different OS?

If we can reproduce we can look into this. It is possible that you just have a large dataset and it is taking some time to process and this does not have to do with the OS. But I am guessing here and as mentioned need for details.