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Toad Data Point - Commonly Crashes, Performance Issues

Both myself and my coworkers are experiencing performance issues with Toad Data Point. A common issue we find is that the program will randomly crash/close out completely. This occurs both while it is in active use and while it is running but not being actively used in the background. We also experience general lag when using the program - it often takes a long time to start up, and editing/saving queries can lock up the program for some time as well.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on ways to improve performance and prevent the program from crashing as well as other performance tuning advice to help the program run smoothly.

Version: Toad Data Point (64 bit)
Connection Type Commonly Used: Cloudera Impala, Microsoft SQL Server

Welcome to TDP's Forum, Brianna.

Except for obvious factors like large volumes of data being processed (Tens+ millions records, etc.) or network/connectivity time-outs, something's not right here.. this isn't typical behavior for TDP.

First thing I would look at is your workstation, especially at how much RAM you have... the more the better, with 8Gb a minimum.

Second, TDP version 5.2 is already out, with 5.3 coming out soon. Maybe upgrading to the latest will help.

Lastly, without other details, I would open up a Support ticket... Quest's Engineers can get to the bottom of any cause-effect and attempt to reproduce the issue.

Hi Brianna,
everything that Gary said above + we'd like to know if this happens using SQL Server as often as with Impala.
In exception trace you will see the errors Toad crashes with. Does it happen randomly?
If your workstation matches the recommended system requirements but still it crashes often, then you really may want to open a support ticket.

Thank you for your replies! I was hoping to catch an example of a crash and I've now encountered one. I attempted to execute a query and Toad closed out immediately. I checked the exception log and there is no entry at the time that Toad crashed/closed out.

Here is an example of my tech specs as well as that of my colleagues:
PC #1:
Processor: Intel Core i7-8850H CPU @ 2.60 Ghz
RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)

PC #2:
Processor: Intel Core i5-8400H CPU @ 2.50 Ghz
RAM: 8.0 GB (7.8 GB usable)

At this point, it sounds like the best route would be to submit a support ticket, is that correct?

Hi Brianna,
well, as long as I still manage to reply quickly here, it's just about the same as support tickets:-)
The specs alone look fine. Can you check also your version of .NET and your version of OS?
Does it crash randomly? What were you doing when it crashed the last time?

Thanks Dan! It looks like my version of .NET is 4.7.03056 and I have Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit Version 1803 installed.

When Toad crashed last, I had just copied over a SQL query with about 1,000 expressions in a CTE and was attempting to run the query under a Microsoft SQL Server connection. Of note, I use the Cloudera Impala connection type much more frequently and had just connected to the Microsoft SQL Server about a minute before the crash. I do experience crashes when I am connected only to Cloudera Impala. When I reopened Toad, I was able to run the query successfully.

The lowest supported version of .NET is 4.7.1. Can you try updating .NET and also your Windows version if possible? Sudden crashes with no logs are not common, so it hints at something broken with your env.

I will check into those, thank you! Would you recommend a certain version of Windows to upgrade to?

It seems that Windows 10 1803 had its supported period ended on 12th November 2019. Some current version should do.