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Windows 7.

Ok, I just got upgraded to Windows 7. I attempted to install, got the error messages listed in another link. However, I did not have the entries in HKCU (did have it in HKLM but could not delete those entries), so they opened up the install on my PC and it was able to install. I can bring up Navigator now, but is shows standard edition instead of expert edition. Not sure if this is a problem or not, but thought I would ask. Please be patient I have a feeling I will be asking a lot of questions, I have searched and will continue to search before I ask… Most times I search I get TOAD answers even if I uncheck the check Toad community.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dale,

Could you please confirm that it is the same licence key as the one you have on the old environment.

Can you please send me the screen shot of the SQL Navigator Help About box in your Windows 7 environment. Please send it to my email:, I will run the licence check for you to confirm the licence type of the key.

Thanks and regards,

Thank you. Me not smart. I had looked in email and found an old code. I put the new one in and all is right with the world (so far).