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Nav 6.7

We got a trial license from the sales dept, when we launch navigator and attempt to connect to a database navigator gives a pop-up window that says a critical error and program will be terminated and contact quest support. We attempted to get a picture of this message, but now it just hour glasses and never does anything. Any ideas?

Windows 7 32 bit. Sql Developer works fine on that pc.

Hi Dale,

What version of SQLNav are you using please? I mean trail version or commercial? I checked in win7 32 bit and with 32bit client, use a trial key in 6.7 commercial build, it could work well for me.

Do you get the error at the beginning when start Nav, or you get it when you try to login? If the error pops up at the beginning, that might be a problem related to license, otherwise I think it’s nothing about license. If you could provide a scrren shot about the error, that would be great. Also, if you confirm it’s an issue about license, would you mind to send the trial key you are using to my email(, I will have a futher check for you, thanks.