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Hi Everyone,
I realize that the official party line from Oracle is that Windows 7 will not be supported until the release of Oracle 11gR2 for Windows - but I would like to try to use it anyway. I have a new, fast, Windows 7 computer sitting idly at my desk waiting to be put to use. :wink:

What is the simplest, most straightforward/reliable method to use TOAD under Windows 7 at the present time?

Is it possible to install the latest Oracle 11gR1 Oracle client in a Windows XP compatibility mode under Windows 7 and use TOAD 10.x.x with that?

Any hints, tips or pointers to additional information most apprec.




XP Compatibility mode is basically running a full copy of XP, so that will
definitely work

Before you go that far, try installing a 10 or 11g client on the native 7
environment, and see if that works.


Install 11.1 32-bit client natively. You will get a compatibility warning but you just have to click the checkbox to get past the warning. You will know what I mean when you get to that point in the installation.

After that install Toad 10.1.1 configure your tnsnames.ora and fire up Toad. I just installed Toad 10.1.1 and Oracle 11.1 the other day and have had no issues except for having to override the Oracle Client OS certification check.



Thanks so much - I will give the Oracle 11gR1 client and the TOAD 1.1.1 install a go and see how it goes. I realize that life for the TOAD team must be pretty difficult when Oracle takes so long to release drivers that are certified for Windows 7 - the best we can do is find a hopefully reliable workaround.

On a related note, has anyone tried running Spotlight on Oracle against the Oracle 11.1 drivers installed on Windows 7? Any chance that would work as well?

Thanks again,



I ran both TOAD 10.1 and latest Spotlight installed with it on Windows 7 using 32-bit 11gR1 and R2 instant clients.

Worked just fine …


I’ve got all my Toad for Oracle Suite bits up and running on Win7 64bit
without doing anything more than straight installs. Still have occasional TFO
crashes but had them more often before when was running WinXP 32bit. Spotlights
(Oracle, Win, Unix) all work, as does TFDA, Bench, TModeler.

I’m using the full 32bit oracle client on my Win7 PC and connecting to
databases that are 10g…11gR2(64bit) running on Red Hat.

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