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xls vs xlsx

I have a large automated export containing numerous export templates exporting to excel files with numerous tabs in each file. I decided to remove the addition of the date/time suffix and add a macro to change the name and the areas I want the files copied to. When I removed the suffix the script blows up and the file becomes corrupted. I changed the file to xls and it runs. Is there any reason this should act this way?. Is there something I can do to change it? Sometimes I will have more than 65K lines and xls will not work for me.

Supporting macros in *xlsm files was added to TDA 2.7. Are you using an *xlsm file and have macro security turned off?

When you have a file with a macro you should see it in the export wizard and it will give you a choice to run the macro before or after your export. So the macro has to be in the report you are running. You also have to not overwrite the file.

Check these items and see if that helps. If not, perhaps you can give me some more details on the macro and how you are using it. (Or sample file with macro in it for me to test would be great too)



I have not created the macro yet, so this is not part of the problem. All I had done was change the automation to not include a suffix.

I see. Can you change the logging level to Verbose, run the script and send me the whole log file? I need to see details on how it is failing.


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