Zip but no UnZip activity

You have a file activity to Zip files but no UnZip. Also the Zip activity (and UnZip if you build one) needs to be able to handle variable file names and locations. Right now I am using WinZip through Run Program to pass the variable file names for zipping and unzipping files.

Excellent enhancement suggestion. I entered CR107379 for this. It won’t make it into TDP 3.3 but I will schedule for TDP 3.5.


If you have time can you test some of your scripts with the newly posted Beta? We worked on the variables area and would like to see how it works with scripts that use variables. for Data Analysts Beta Program&product=toaddatapoint

Is this still the case… no unzip automation activity? I am evaluating the software for my company and I am surprised that there isn’t an unzip feature. Seems like basic ETL functionality to me.

we change ticket systems and that one got lost. Sorry. I entered QAT-2637 for this and scheduled for TDP 3.6

This will be in the following Beta. We just posted one May 19th so it will be the one after that.