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Toad Data Point - Automation - ZIP File includes the entire folder structure

Hello Everyone,

I recently upgraded from Toad Data Point 4.3 to

The zip task in Automation would just the zip file and when user opens the zip file , they will see only the file within the zip in Version 4.3

TDP 5.2.1 - Zip task is including the whole folder structure from where i am zipping the file.

C:\Automated Reports\Daily\DR12580_Order_Validation\

When the user opens the zip file, they have to drill down the folder to get the final csv file.

Did any one of you had this issue , please advise on how to resolve this.

There should be two ways to zip... all files in a folder you choose, or you can select individual files. See below.


I have added the source files which comes from the task File1 and Archive Name is pointing to the folder . That entire folder structure is zipped in my zip file.

In this case, when you open the it shows the Folder structure Gary Data -> Exports -> Dev -> Dev_OWMainTables.csv

Previously it was just that .csv inside the zip file.

I see. I am not seeing any external controls by which we can specify to NOT include the complete file location specifier, and just have the file itself within the zip shell.

Might want to take this to Support, especially if this worked nicely in 4.3.

Thanks. How do i take this to support ??


and then hit "Contact Support" from the menu. Make sure that you log in with your customer or support ID.

I posted the exact, identical issue (the zip file contains the entire folder structure instead of just the file itself) 6-7 months ago and never got a solution. I also use TDP 5.x version. Depending on the folder path, one may get an error opening the zipped file because the file name (with all those subfolders in the path) exceeds a certain length. So this is not just a convenience and a potential security violation (the end user will get insight into your internal folder structure) but it may end up as a failure.

Any updates (I just tried the same example today and I got the same results: full folder structure in the zip file) or solutions?