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10.6 Can't remove old connections


any one know what file I can modify that would allow me to remove old connections in the 10.6. version?

You don't have to edit a file.
Go to the login window.
Select the ones you want to delete, and use the delete key to delete them.
Note, you can't delete anything that is currently connected.

Hi. I tried deleting them and it did not work. That's why I asked about the file. I found the connections file, and guess I have to edit that.

Maybe it's CTRL+Delete for 10.6

That didn't work either.

I had to modify the connections.ini file, but not sure how to modify the connection passwords to remove them out of that file.

You can't edit ConnectionPwds.ini.

I tried the delete key in the login window on Toad 10.6, it's working for me. Not sure what's wrong. You might want to try setting the "View Style" of the login window to "grid". That's how I had it. Then select the ones you don't want and delete key on the keyboard works (at least for me).

Does the key just do nothing for you? what happens when you try?