Re: Problems with connections migration from 9.7 to 10.0

Hi John,

Thanks for you r help, but the problem isn ’ t solved yet!!!

After Toad is restarted, it asks if I want to restore my toolbar configuration
or if I want to reset them because toolbars are changed now. I tried with the
two options, but the problem is the same.


Rodrigo B. Campacci

Hey Rodrigo,

In the short-term, you should be able to manually copy the CONNECTIONS.INI file into your new Toad 10 user folder. You won’t be able to copy the CONNECTIONPWDS.INI file, as this file is encrypted and is updated during the migration process. However, this should at least get you your connections, and you can manually re-add your passwords by selecting the “Save Passwords” options and connecting to each of your connections.

However, in order to help solve the cause of this issue, if you’d like to pursue it further, can you send me offline the following?

  1. Your Toad.INI file from your old 9.7 folder (that you’re trying to migrate).
  2. Your Toad.INI file from your migrated Toad 10.0 folder (that isn’t working).
  3. Your CONNECTIONS.INI file from your old 9.7 folder (if you’re able to without violating any company policies). Please do not send the CONNECTIONPWDS.INI file.
  4. Your Toad support bundle from within Toad 10.

I can try to reproduce your issue locally here and attempt to locate why your migration is not happening successfully.