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12.1 is becoming unresponsive


Sometimes if a session is hung on the database, I can kill the session, that will free it up. Sometimes its not the session, I might be creating a table, kill session on the database, TOAD still hung. Have to kill the app. grrr when this happens. Im finding the frequency of this so bad its becoming a real hindrance to work.

I had thought TOAD had gone multi-threaded several years ago so if a session is hung, you can still work on other sessions? am I wrong on that? if I am, why isnt it multithreaded? SQL server management studio good example of a DB gui, not hanging round waiting on a session to come back


Open options window and go to bottom left corner - do a search on thread. You have to set the option if you want threaded queries.


excellent, thanks


That may help - but I don’t want to say that it’s the 100% fix for handling “hung” situations. Plus you now also need to use the new screen in toad called the threaded query viewer - think of it as a session browser for all your threads running in the background. You should use this screen once you set this option so you know and can manage all your tasks :slight_smile:


this is true, set the threading on ok, definitely stopped the hang whn waiting for data to come back on any given query. Still getting couple of random unresponsive issues though.

1other very similar question. click on schema browser, find a largish table, look at data, it runs the query for the data in the session thread you have open so I open the options again and took a guess it was query builder, clicked thread new session and that fixed it. however, , a colleague has 12.5 installed, tried the same there with the thread option in that but he still gets the query running in current session when viewing data in the table through the session browser (data appears straight away but re-order and we get the issue), any query in an editor will create its own thread though…


I’m going to defer to others on the team - you’re getting into details that require deeper thinkers than me :slight_smile: