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Toad and Oracle Client 19.0 Issue Hanging

I upgraded the client from Oracle 12 to Oracle 19, and now sometimes when I run a query, it just say processing and never returns. This can be a very basic query from a small table. If I press cancel, it just sits there cancelling, and doesn't stop. I think this may be occurring if I haven' run a query in awhile, like it might be timing out. I'm not sure how long, but definitely less than an hour. This didn't happen with Oracle 12. The only way to get out is to go to task manager and end the process. I'm in and out of queries all day, so I need the session to stay active. Thanks, Jim

Toad is just waiting for Oracle. There isn't much we can do after we send a command to Oracle and it takes a while to come back. We don't know if it's a slow running query or network hang or disconnect. However, if you think you might be timing out and want to prevent it, open the "Transactions" window (the icon on main toolbar, next to commit/rollback with the '?') and have it refresh at some interval.