Toad World® Forums Autoscroll in DBMS Output

Not sure if I manged to disable it or if it is broken, but I am quite sure that DBMS Output used to scroll automatically.
This does not seem to happen any more.

Can you reproduce this, was this changed intentionally?

Peter, this was an intentional change. Check out this thread. If the caret position has changed from the end of the document it is assumed that you have been looking at the output, copying, etc. and automatic scrolling on the next poll would lose your working position. In that case it will not scroll.

I could do it with a checkbox on the panel to enable auto scroll, enabled by default, but I was hoping to get the best of both worlds without an option. If I need to add one no biggie.


Thanks for the feedback. I think this is a good feature, it’s just not really intuitive how to get back to scrolling.

Now that I know how it works I’m quite sure I don’t need the checkbox, but it was not obvious to me and might not be to others :slight_smile: