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New option "Enable DBMS output"

Please add option "Enable DBMS output automatically".
It helps to avoid disconnection by timeout.

Hi, @JohnDorlon
What about this?

Sorry, I forgot about this, and now it is too late for Toad 15.0. But -

Do you ever use workspaces? I added a change in beta to remember the setting as part of your workspace. I also added a setting to save/load workspace automatically. So if you want, you could select a workspace, turn on the save/load workspace option, enable dbms output, and then it would restore.

Also, I might add - the transactions window will do a better job to prevent disconnect, because it will touch every session that Toad creates. That window can be opened automatically like any other window (configured in Toad options)

I'm not saying that I won't add this, but you have other ways of accomplishing the same thing.

Yes. But sometimes I work without workspaces.

So I will be grateful for both a separate global option and an option when saving the workspace.

Yes, it was very useful.

Can I put Transactions window to the bottom panel as tab, not window?
For example, after "DBMS output"?

I like the idea of making transactions go to the output panel.

I'll look at this stuff for 15.1.

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Thank You, John!

I've been working on docking the Transactions window (for 15.1 beta). It feels so right in the Output window. This is where it should have been all along.

Thank You so much, John!

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