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Tabs in Editor

The auto-scroll is disabled at rearrange of tabs. If you’re working with dozen of files in the Editor and you would like to move the last one tab to the beginning of the list, it is a major challenge. Can you change this behavior to be auto-scroll, please?

I would welcome an option where the active tab should have define an own colour (coloured bar).

I’ve asked about changing tabs in RDS but I didn’t get any answer yet. ( If a shortcut can be define to the ‘Change tab to previous/next’ I would really appreciate it.



Auto scroll is enabled for next beta.

There are various styles that the tab control can have and some better highlight the active tab. In next beta they are surfaced on Options|Editor|Display page. Here is the “Slanted” style for example.


Changing the shortcut for prev/next tabs is not in yet. The way in which we support shortcuts requires there to be a visible and enabled control mapped to it so if it’s added you’d need to add menu items or toolbar buttons for the commands else it won’t work. If that’s OK then let me know and I’ll put it in there and you can customize your toolbar to get it. Ideally our shortcut system should be improved.



A menu item would be great for me and after that I can customize the shortcuts for the commands. Thanks.