- Editor: F3 not always working to continue Search

With the following snippet, searching for test_me and pressing F3 works when the Find window has the focus, but not when the editor has the focus.

Can you reproduce this?

END test_me;

Try the current beta and let me know if it’s still an issue.



Still not working with

Thanks, Peter. I misunderstood the issue at first. I thought you were reporting a different manifestation of a recently fixed bug, but I see what you’re saying and can reproduce. I’ll log.


Peter, Michael,

I have a comparable issue - probably the same bug. When I use F3 to find the next occurrence, it will sometimes do what it is supposed to do, but after one or two repeats it refuses to continue: it will simply find the current occurrence. Moving the cursor beyond the current location and then hitting F3 works okay, though.

So I do have a workaround which is acceptable, still it’s a bit of a nuisance.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

I believe this is the same bug.

it will simply find the current occurrence

If it's the same issue, it's not searching again and finding the current occurrence... it's just stuck highlighting the last found occurrence. When this fails for you check the main Toad Search menu and see if Find Next is disabled. The find next action is disabling after the first occurrence is found, but only when searching within PL/SQL. Clicking elsewhere enables the find next action. Plenty of clues in there, but the cause eludes me.


I broke this fixing another issue. I’ve rolled back changes so that F3 is fixed in next beta and the original issue is reopened.