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In the connections dialog, when I click on the entry to be deleted, hitting Del on the keyboard does no effect. However, if I use arrows to navigate to the entry to be deleted it works OK.

Use CTRL+Del. Several versions ago, Del would delete a row in a grid, but we had reports of users using Del to clear out data in a cell and then being unpleasantly surprised when the whole row was deleted. CTRL+Del also worked before - so we kept that one and made Del only clear cell contents (when in edit mode)

Thanks John, but Ctrl+Del does no difference.
I spent better time testing this time - when I click on "Color", "Favorite", "AutoConnect", "Read Only" then Del (or Ctrl+Del) has no effect.
Clicking on other fields (e.g. "Database", "User", "Home") behave as I'd expect, i.e. showing delete connection confirmation dialog.

BTW, despite using TOAD for last 15 years I missed the Ctrl+Del shortcut :slight_smile: Thanks!

I think when you are clicking in those fields (color, favorite, etc), the grid is going into edit mode, and that's why CTRL+Del doesn't work in that case.

Not that this is very practical, but for demonstration - if you click on a non-edit column (such as username), then use the keyboard arrow key to move over to any of the fields that you mention above, CTRL+DEL will work.

By the way, If you want to delete multiple rows at a time, you can multiselect the rows, then CTRL+Del.

Ah... so when I click the editable field then Del works like "in-cell edit mode", while all read-only fields allow deleting rows. That makes (some) sense.
Hm... if so, then this would rather go into the Idea Pond entry I created recently.

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Oh you are right! We added DEL for login window grid (when grid not in edit mode) a few versions ago. I forgot all about that.