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Remove connections grid inconsistencies in UI

I'm thinking of Connections dialog - grid view.

Inconsistencies I see:

  1. Some columns are editable (checkboxes + "Alias", "Password" and "Action") while others are not.
  2. Editing creates a new record leaving the edited one untouched.
  3. Missing "Delete Login Record" icon

I'd change that to:

  1. Make all columns read-only
  2. Save the edited entry no creating a new one. Add a new "Copy Login Record" icon rather
  3. Add "Delete Login Record" icon

Just for information:

  1. is by design, so you can change certain properties w/o having to go to the edit dialog each time. So why don't we have all of them editable? It is nice to have fields like "User" and "Database" as read-only so you can sort by one of these columns and then type a few letters to quickly find a specific connection.
  2. It depends on which properties you change. If you change User or Database, a new record is made. If you change anything else, we just edit the current record. This does feel a bit weird.
    I don't think that was intended.
  3. I was going to comment on your last post that you can add a delete button by right-click in the grid, then choose "Appearance" and "Toggle Navigator", but the navigator does not have a delete button. That seems like a bug to me.