Toad World® Forums - Connection Button Order / Named SQL not saved

Hi Quest,

I think I am too late for 13.2 release. But it seems, as if the automatic save of the "Connection Bar Button Order" and "Named SQL" is broken. In previous (beta) releases, it saved all my edits on named SQLs and the button order automatically. I tried to just open Toad, edit in both places and immediately quit after (so no other operations or a second Toad opened). My changes are lost. I tried it also within my "normal" workflow (opening some connections, editing some sources etc). All changes are lost after closing and opening Toad again, too. Can somebody confirm this?


Nobody? I tried this again in various constellations but unfortunately it does not save my "Connection Bar Button Order" anymore.

Are you editing connection bar button order by just dragging them around or are you using the dialog from the login window?

I used the dialog. Which worked until at least (can't make out the exact version, sorry).

I just tested and it's working OK for me.

Does it work if you uncheck the "active connections only" box in the dialog?

Yeah, I tried every possible combination of things to combine. Maybe my user_data is somehow corrupted. That's the only thing i did not try - starting with a fresh profile. And honestly I really would not like to do that, it's been a lot of customizing. Would it help you if i exported my profile and sent it to you via PM?

I'll be happy to look...

That data is stored in connections.xml, in the "RelativePosition" field. Each connection in there should have a different value for RelativePosition (starting with 0).