Toad World® Forums - "Export Dataset" does not detect schema/table when selecting XMLTYPE columns

Hi Quest,

pretty much what it says in the title :slight_smile: The new "xmlserialize" feature (still loving you guys for that!) brakes the "Export Dataset" function. Maybe this affects some other places as well, but I did not ran into any other problems so far.



Hi Julian

We aim to please!

That message appears because you unchecked the “detect table name automatically” but did not supply the table name. It wants the table that the statements will insert into.


Hi John,

Yes, as usual. But this time it's rather unpleasant, as you imply the obvious would not come to my mind :wink:

Serious, though. The box was checked before, Toad "unchecks" it after getting the error (but before showing the dialogue). This is my initial state before hitting "OK":

"Detect" is checked, fields are disabled but empty.


Oh, maybe this makes it more clear what it is what I deem to be a bug: Normally (that is without a XMLTYPE column) it fills in the table automatically as the table from the data grid (at least when it is a "flat" select on one table only):

Oh I see....Toad failed to detect the table you were selecting from, then unchecked the box. See, it was me who missed the point! :smiley:

I'll take a look at that.

I realize that you are maybe giving me a simplified example, but as a workaround....I think you can leave out the outer part of the query with XMLSERIALIZE, and then Toad will detect the table name and also add XMLSerialize back in automatically behind the scenes since you have that in your options for the grid.

Edit: oops, I see...actually it doesn't autodetect in that case either. This is what happens when I try to answer questions without trying it first. :frowning:

Thanks, John. Alternatively one can just input the insert table manually, maybe that's more straightforward :wink:

It's no major annoyance to be honest. Just something I've come across incidentally and which might be confusing as the automatic query rewrite by Toad might not be that obvious at first.

Writing that: The outer query is automatically added by Toad when there is a XMLTYPE column and is not my original query. That was just "select * from table".

Yes. I've also noticed that if you go to the Schema Browser Tables tab, it works from there as the Schema Browser uses a different rewrite. I think I can fix it though. Thanks for reporting it.

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Fixed for next beta.

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