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Bug Fixes
• Schema Browser – “Duplicate row”, followed by “Find” causes lockup
• Editor – AV on Explain Plan with “User threaded query session”
• Editor – “select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor)” showing wrong result
• Editor - “Select x.rowid, x.* from table X” was readonly when table had XMLTYPE
• Database Probe hang on Oracle 11.2
• Create Pluggable Database on non-Exadata 18c/19c has SQL error
• Analyze Objects sometimes switching connection when launched from Schema Browser
• Rebuild Table converts INTEGER datatype to NUMBER
• Run Procedure - Timestamp/Interval not displayed properly in cursor output
• Run Procedure – SQL wrong for functions when running in SQL*Plus or TSR.
• Alter table sometimes showing wrong compression parameter on Exadata
• Export Dataset – XMLTYPE columns excluded when only “Virtual” was meant to be excluded
• Object Palette, Code Snippets, and utPLSQL Manager not displayed correctly under Windows High Contrast mode
• Schema Compare – false diffs for “default collation”
• Schema Compare sometimes using DBMS_REDEF when “alter table” will do.
• Compare Files was scrolling too much on clicking vertical scrollbar
• Autoconnect wasn’t working for multiple connections
• Sensitive Data Production - Data Grid performance has been improved when the Sensitive Data Awareness feature is enabled.
• QP5 - TABLE or THE keywords are optional for table_collection_expression.
• QP5 - “fmt” and “nlsparam” arguments of CAST or XMLCAST functions may be defined as expressions (was: string literals only)
• QP5 - Size value of a data type definition may be given as an expression.
• Parser - An identifier between curly braces was not recognized if not followed by empty space.

• Improved field break detection in Import Table Data from fixed field with
• [No]monitoring no longer included in table scripts 10gR2 and newer (Oracle deprecated this parameter long ago)
• Dropped Explain Plan table (but not dropped synonym) now handled more gracefully.
• Improved Pluggable database support in ADDM/AWR Reports
• Added “Delete” button to login window
• Export Dataset can now export multiple SQLs from one file
• Nested table dialog now has a status bar to indicate connection and current row number
• Formatter - Change: From now on the FROM keyword will always be preceded by whitespace to avoid invalid token combinations.
• Code Analysis - New rule 6722 ("There should be at least one blank line after a RETURN or BREAK or CONTINUE statement.")
• Code Analysis - New rule 6744 ("Identical case bodies in an IF or CASE statement")