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[] Schema Browser - TreeView - Invalid Objects Missing

[] Schema Browser - TreeView - "Invalid Objects" Missing

I see them.

Is it possible they are hidden? Click here

then check here

Unfortunately, not shown for me.

Object Type is not hidden.

Please zip up and send me your User Files folder. Instructions on how to do that, and my email address, are here.

Then, I think you can fix it like this:

  1. close Toad if it is running
  2. Go into the User Files folder and edit Toad.ini with notepad
  3. Delete these sections (they each should have around 50 entries)
  4. Save and close Toad.ini
  5. restart Toad

Let me know if that helps or not.


Yes, it helps. Thank You, John.

Thanks. I found the problem and fixed it for next beta. It was caused by a recent change (well, that and duplicate values in the PAGEORDERS section)

Also broken, and should be able to change the order of the object type nodes in TreeView mode (that's what the PAGEORDERS section is for). I'll fix that too. It will be available in the "Configure Browser Tabs" dialog.

Thank You, @JohnDorlon

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