[] Editor. Autorepeat arrow key. Cursor jumps

Hi, @JohnDorlon issue.


  1. Set cursor to first line.
    Press the arrow down key and keep it pressed.
    Cursor not moves until key released. Then the cursor jumps to a new line.

Same behavior to move cursor by right arrow, select text etc.

Please fix it. It's very annoying thing…

  1. Another (maybe related) issue.

Set cursor to column 1.
Press arrow down key once.
Cursor jumps to column far right. In my example - to column 54.

Hi Ihor, I cannot reproduce these. I've sent you a private message with my email, please send me your user files folder so that I have all of your same settings. Also, sample text would be helpful, too.


@Ihor_Taranenko - Ignore my request for your user files. I can reproduce some new issues here.

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Hi, @mstaszew
If You need some materials, please tell me.

hi maybe related issue; sometimes when I press F9 but the below statement executed not current.

@zmallah - If you can send something to reproduce this that would help. I can't think of anything regarding the issues of this thread that would affect that.

@Ihor_Taranenko - The caret placement should be resolved in the next beta if you're hitting the same issue as reported here. That issue specifically depends on how the caret was moved to the first character on the line. If the caret is moved by mouse click or arrow keys without modifiers like Ctrl then the problem does not exist, but if you use other means, e.g. Home, then the problem exists.

The slowdown I'm still investigating. I believe it has to do with the code that handles matching brace highlighting.

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@Ihor_Taranenko - Please try the following and let me know if the arrow key is still a problem. After the test remove the line added from Toad.ini.

  1. Close Toad
  2. Open Toad.ini, default location is %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\16.2 beta\User Files\Toad.ini
  3. Add DISABLE_OBSERVERS=1 to the [EDITOR_SETTINGS] section of Toad.ini and save


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@mstaszew ,
I try the latest beta
Problem 1 & 2 fixed.
Editor works fine now.

Thank You so much, Michael.

Great, thanks for the update!

I'm sorry, I was wrong.
Issue 1 is not resolved for files of 900 lines or more.
DISABLE_OBSERVERS=1 solves issue 1, but brace balance is not shown.

Great, thanks for the update. I was suspecting you might have been in source less likely to reproduce the issue yesterday. I've found that having source with a lot going on with respect to types of tokens reproduces it better. Long lines of string concat, etc. is what I've been using for testing. The next beta should have it resolved. There will now be a slight delay of 100 ms after caret movement before brace highlighting kicks in. That way if you're holding down the arrow key the brace highlighting code will not kick in until 100 ms after you release it.

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Thank You, Michael.

@mstaszew ,
I confirm issue 1 fix in the latest beta
Thank You, Michael.