16.2 triggering runtime exception not triggered by older versions

Hello there,

I updated from to lately and now have this runtime exception while executing a custom procedure used to automate Apex importations that is used weekly for more than a year:

What's triggering this is a call to apex_application_install.install(). Whatsoever the procedure seems to execute just fine and so is running the imported Apex application: A re-export of the above-mentioned imported application script reveal no difference with the initial script.

I re-tested with older versions of Toad and were not able to replicate the issue. The same process has been done by another colleague on a different machine/session/user as well.

Apex version of used db is :
Oracle version is: 19c Enterprise Edition.

Not sure if you can troubleshoot with not so much meat on the bone, so let me know if more is needed.

Thank you,

I think this is due to some changes we made with regards to fetching dbms output.

To work around it in 16.2, try this.

While Toad is not running, edit Toad.ini with notepad.
Add this under [SETTINGS]

Save and close Toad.ini, and try again in Toad.

I believe this is fixed in the beta, which you can get here.

If you do get the beta, please let me know if it is fixed there (w/o the Toad.ini workaround)

Hi John,

I will test this out tomorrow morning and let you know the outcome. I'll check with sysadmins if the beta can be installed and if so i'll test this out as well.

Thank you for the lightning fast answer,

Hi Matt,

You're welcome. I'll be out for the rest of the year starting tomorrow so I may not reply, but please let me know anyway how it goes.