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2 imports-1 loads 2000 records at a time the other load individual records

I have two import processed, both are importing data from .csv files to different tables. One inserts records in groups of 2,000 at a time, the other inserts records one at a time causing it to run long. How do I set the one import to load 2,000 at a time? I am working with 50,000+ records at a time.

Hi - what are the database platforms you are importing into?

Both csv files are being imported to temp tables on sql server, same database. Both imports are identical except for the csv file and table being loaded to. The Processing Row Count is set to 2000 but grayed out, the options for Optimize block size and Empty Fields are Null are both checked. The only difference I see is in the number of columns, one file has 12 columns and the other 30 (but many of those a null columns). I did reduce the number of columns being used from the larger file and it seems to be loading 2,000 records now.