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Toad Sql Server Import Wizard - difference seen in the rows loaded msg versus actual number of rows in table

I’m using Toad Import wizard to load a csv file into a Sql server table. When I do smaller loads it works fine and it has always worked fine, but this time my file is large. I imported the file and the wizard said 1.9M rows have been loaded but when I look at the table it has only 1.3M rows. There are no errors on the log file, there are no triggers on the table, no space issues, nor any transformations that I’m applying during the load. Any reason or thoughts on why this difference in numbers between what toad tells me its loaded versus the actual number in the table?

Thank you in advance!

Hi sherlyn.divya,

Have you try to 64bit Toad for SQL Server ?

when you import a large file about 1.9M rows, it was easy to get out of memory.


and you can try v6.8 64bit beta from :…/