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Import Speed of Data


When using the Import Wizard to import a flat file of 627,0000 rows into a table. It Insert 100 rows at a time. It took a total of approximately 1 hour to complete. How do I increase the Insert row count for the Import Wizard?
Will it improve the insert ?


Normally the number of rows inserted in one block is 500. In tda 2.7 we check and see if you have more than 50 columns and if so we change to 100 rows. This is because with that many columns you may run out of memory because the row length can be large. It is a simple rule that we plan to improve in 3.0.

For now, to change you can open up your saved import file and change the BlockinsertValue.


You can experiment on what size would work for that specific import. This currently can only be changed in a saved import file.