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2 users executing the same automation script?

We need to have 2 different people execute the same automation scripts. We are a one person shop with a back up person for when the primary person is ill or on vacation. TIC is overkill, so wondered how to accomplish this.

I am assuming you asked about execution the same script on TIC server. You should not have any issue as soon as a backup person has manage right on the script. To grand manage right you have to do the following

  1. Select the script on Object Explorer
  2. Press Share Object
  3. On Alter Visibility dialog select Share this data with selected users
  4. Find the backup user and add him to the left side and select Manage check box for him
  5. Press Show Script
  6. Press Execute



No. I was asking about 2 people running the same script without TIC. For a single developer and a backup when they are ill or on vacation, TIC is an unnecessary expense.

In this case you should copy the script and connections to the second computer. To copy connections you could use Export/Import connections.



Using the job manager you can point to remote server and fire off a job that is set up on that computer. Or many offices set up single server for running jobs and two users RDP to it when needed