2 individuals runing the same automation scripte

We are still trying to configure how to have 2 individuals run the same scripts. We have the database connections working. When the person that did not construct the script tries to run it, we get the error “Export_1 - Access to the path ‘C:\Users\dd01150\Documents’ is denied.”

Have searched the forum and tried the suggestions presented. Still get the same error.

At this point we have copied the scripts to their machine and “edited” the script to attempt to align it with the new computer. Still get the same error.

Is what we are trying to do, have 2 people (primary and backup) be able to run the same scripts (not using a server) doable? Or, is it not? If it is, how?

c:\users* is a protected folder chain. Move your script to c:\script and you should be fine.

I would think you need to have the script in a shared location or use a URL rather than a drive letter. You’ll both have to be on the same network. In the automation everything needs to be a URL not a drive letter (unless you are both mapped to the same drive location with the same drive letter). You can share a file location and give other users access to it. They can mapped and assign a drive letter or refer to it using the URL \machine_name\shared_location_name. I have done this and it was tricky because of a need to have any file references be a URL rather that a drive letter. Check the web for sharing a folder for your operating system (I assume its windows).

Depending on how you have the connections set up the backup person may need to edit the automation script. Some tasks in the script have the connection in it or it can use the general connection. Set it to use the general connection and just make sure the backup person can actually connect. If you are picking up a file from C:\users the will be a different C:\users for each person. Use a shared network folder as tm3561 said above, with a UNC path instead of a drive letter.