Automation Scheduling failing when schedule is run by different user than who created automation

We have created automation app using user abc. while scheduling the app, we gave user as xyz. Requirement is to have all schedules executed by one user xyz.

Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\Quest Software\Toad\GenericJobs\Test1" , instance "{e3d48910-4c56-4e2c-87dd-60fa1d97d91b}" , action "{AE57DAA6-6552-46F6-A391-427C181F4C6B}" with return code 2147942401.

Please advise

This is not easily possible. Your best bet would just be to create the actions and schedule them with the same user that you want to run them as.

User settings, including actions that you are running, are stored on a per-user basis in the %APPDATA% folder for each user.

You could possibly work around this by putting your User Files folder in a location accessible to all users (specify that using the "Application Data Directory" in Options -> General).

Then log in as XYZ and make the same setting, so that both users are using the same folder. However, if both users are using these files at the same time, you might have file sharing problems.

We have updated the Toad Application Directory under Toad Options > App Folders to a shared location for user abc. and have also given xyz user full access to this shared directory, but we are still not able to execute scheduled apps via xyz generic user.

The scheduled job action takes the App name as the parameter, we need to know what is the exact path where this app resides, maybe if we specify the full shared path in the parameter it will work
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Did you log in as XYZ and configure it to use the same Toad Application Directory?

That's how you'd have to do this.

The only problem is when you do this, XYZ's Toad will copy its settings to that location the next time it starts.

So if ABC's settings and actions are more important, then you'd want to

  1. make a backup of that location
  2. log in as XYZ and change Toad to use the common location
  3. Let Toad restart, then close it
  4. Copy the backup back to the shared location

Now, ABC and XYZ are using the same user files folder and should both have access to the same actions.

Thanks John for the input. Both users should be toad users in order to run automation created by each other.

If my last suggestion doesn't work, you should probably just let ABC and XYZ each have their own settings, and import the desired apps into XYZ. Toad really wasn't made to operate according to your requirement.