4.0 does not run automation

I have a number of daily automation scripts that no longer run in 4.0. The first one clears an excel spreadsheet, then imports data into it. It then opens a batch file that copies the file into two places and adds a date to the end. It hangs when trying to copy into the second location. Unfortunately, the log disappeared when I opened the TAS file.



I had what sounds like a similar issue after installing the 4.0 beta. What I found is that I needed to turn the excel auto calculation off before saving the spreadsheet, then have a macro (called from the automation) turn the auto-calc on at the beginning of the macro, and off again at the end of the macro (before the spreadsheet is saved again). I believe there is a ticket already set up to look into this situation. I needed to make this macro revision to all of my automations that involved sending data to an excel spreadsheet.

I will try that. Thanks!

Jeff we made some changes for your macro issue and will be in the TDP 4.1 Beta. I will get this posted the third week of aug.

are you using Excel macros?

Yes I am. My batch files opens an excel .xlsm file which contains the macro. I hangs when it tries to close the first file.

We have been working on this in the TDP 4.1 code. There will be a fix in the first Beta which is due out in a couple of weeks. Would you be able to try the Beta when it is ready?

Please note that the excel macro file will be automatically copied to the Toad’s Application Data Directory before macro will be executed and copied back to the remote location after it completes. This might impact those excel macros that rely on working directory at runtime (ie. “recursively use all .csv files in this workbook’s directory as input”). After trying many options this was the only one that helped in resolving the macro hanging problem.

Sorry Debbie, I had already converted back to 3.8. I had too many daily reports that were bombing. I am hoping when the next version comes out that problem will be resolved. I may be able to upgrade to the beta version, but I usually do not try the betas because they changed so often. Thanks for your work on this anyway.