Export activity don't launch excel macros in automation scripts.

Hi all.

I have this problem in several scripts but not systematically. I’m using TDP 3.8.

I use to import data from hundreds oracle db to another oracle db for consolidation.

then, export activity push filtered data in excel file (xlsm) and sometimes, lauch macros, sometimes not !

When lauching script manually from TDP, macros are always executed, the problem appears, not all times, when script is lauched from scheduler.

Problems with excel appears in 3.8 (always losting layout, don’t have time to test with beta 4.0) I don’t remember having the same with 3.7.

No errors appear in windows log.

Toad log report missing file, because macro don’t create the .xlsx file as expected…

Can you explain ?

Hello mercier104_000,

We will try to reproduce the problem. But first I would like to ask you to provide me with further details:

  • How often does the scheduled job run?
  • How many other jobs are running at the same time?
  • Does the problem occur only to you? Or does any of your colleagues face the same problem?
  • Does the problem occur to only one specific script or to all scheduled scripts?
  • What does the macro do? Note that the scheduled jobs are running under different user credentials.
  • How much does the script and the macro take to execute?
    Could you also provide us some example script and the macro?

Please note also that we have implemented quite a lot of changes in TDP 4.0 specific to the export wizard activity and jobs scheduler.

alternative solution found : using the “run program” activity to launch vbscript and execute macros, but, one more step !


I will try to answer as clearly sa possible :

1 Three scheduled jobs run : evereday the first, every month the others.

2 two scheduled jobs running maximally at a time, never requesting same servers at the same time.

3 I’m the one person scheduling jobs on this server (Windows server 2008R2 RAM 32GB)

4 the problem occurs only on these three scripts, using the “export activity” with VBA macros.

5 Macro split data over several sheets, format and sort data, then save document as xlsx. Group policies and credentials are checked.

I’m searching for quite a long time, some days it’s working, some days not ! Data well pushed in xlsm but macro is not lauched.

An equivalent alternative solution that i found is to use “run program” activity to lauch a vbscript that execute macro.

6 the first one take a least 2 minutes every morning, more than 3 hours for the monthly others.

I think i will waiting for TDP 4.0 final release before send you lot of data…

Thanks for your time…


If you would like to open a support case I can help you there. You will need to supply your xlsm and automation files.

Hi all.

Thanks for time passed on this strange problem.

I thought that i’ve sold it but it came again this weekend !

I’m not sure that toad fail, I think now it’s linked to Excel and server ressources (reorg, backup…).

I’m still observing…