6.1: Grid Auto-filter cant be disabled by default?

I just upgraded from, 6.0 to 6.1 and now every SQL Server query result shows the Auto-Filter in the results grid. Disabling only disables for the current result set and it is back on the next query run. Is there a way to disable this by default like you can for the "group by" box?


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Just upgraded myself, and I am also seeing this behavior as well.
Don't see a setting in the Options base right now to control this app-wide.

Asking Quest R&D to take a look for us... setting might not be obvious, or there could be a setting in one of the config files I might be missing...

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Did they ever reply to your query about toggling this off?
95% of the time, any filtering I have already done in my query, and I just need to see the results. I would greatly prefer to not having the Auto-filter line taking up space in my results window.


No reply. I see that they just released a new update, (from but the release notes didn't mention this issue or the others that 6.1 introduced, so I staying on for a while.

Just pinged Dev again... didn't see a toggle in the latest version either.

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Confirmed that Quest Dev has this enhancement request in the master log... not sure what release it'll show up in, but I'm hoping for next one... fingers crossed.

Add me to the list of folks who don't care for this new auto-filter line. @amlloyd How do you disable it "for the current result set"? I've clicked everywhere and can't get it to go away....

@david.franks Right click on one of the column headers in the result set and select "Hide Auto Filter Row". I've actually just been using 6.0 though until they get this fixed.

Thanks very much, apparently I hadn't clicked "everywhere"!

This is still an issues in 6.2.

Vote for this in Idea Pond: Ability to Disable Auto-filter row in Editor results grid