6.1: Grid Auto-filter cant be disabled by default?

I just upgraded from, 6.0 to 6.1 and now every SQL Server query result shows the Auto-Filter in the results grid. Disabling only disables for the current result set and it is back on the next query run. Is there a way to disable this by default like you can for the "group by" box?


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Just upgraded myself, and I am also seeing this behavior as well.
Don't see a setting in the Options base right now to control this app-wide.

Asking Quest R&D to take a look for us... setting might not be obvious, or there could be a setting in one of the config files I might be missing...

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Did they ever reply to your query about toggling this off?
95% of the time, any filtering I have already done in my query, and I just need to see the results. I would greatly prefer to not having the Auto-filter line taking up space in my results window.


No reply. I see that they just released a new update, (from but the release notes didn't mention this issue or the others that 6.1 introduced, so I staying on for a while.

Just pinged Dev again... didn't see a toggle in the latest version either.

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