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Can I control the default "Display all results in grid" option of "Export Dataset"?


In, I’m exporting a veritable truckload of grid info (GBs worth), so I don’t want to display the results in the grid, as I’d run out of RAM on my laptop. I understand that Toad will rerun the query to not display the data, and that’s fine.

It works, but each time I go back into “Export Dataset” on the grid, the “Display all results in grid” option is checked again. It seems like the other options are defaulted from the last run.

Can I control the default status of that checkbox? Normally, I mucho prefer to have it checked, except around Audit time…[shudder]


p.s. 12.9 GA appears to work this way, too…

If you export on a grid that has all rows fetched, then we check it behind the scenes. Otherwise, it should remember the last used setting.

If you are seeing something different, let me know.

Well darn it, I thought I tried several different scenarios, but that’s one I must have not tried because it appears to work just like that.

Thanks as always, John!

You’re welcome, Rich.