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Row Highlighting

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me please. v5.0.2, the ‘active’ row in the results grid is highlighted i.e. the row with the little triangle. I was wondering if there is a way to remove this highlighting. Many thanks.

Actually it is not a Toad feature but thirty-part component we are using for the grids. So it can’t be easily configured from Toad.
But I’m curious why do you want to get rid of it, what is the reason?


Hi, Thanks for your reply.
When I execute a query in the editor, after it has run, the focus is still in the editor pane. That makes line 1 of the returned results (which is highlighted) very faint. It is not until you click in the Results area does it become darker and easier to read

Can you please post the screen so I can see this exactly?

As you can see from the attached, when the focus is in the Editor window, the first line of the results can be difficult to read. Ok, I'll admit, it's not that bad, I was just wondering if it can be made slightly clearer.