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6.1 Session browser

  1. would it be possible to add three more columns from v$session - module, action, client_info? These columns may contain very useful information…
  2. when watching a sessions ‘current SQL’, it very often doesn’t contain a sql statement, but a plsql program, so that the explain plan fails and the output window gets soon filled with “Error in SQL: ORA-00905: missing keyword”. Maybe there is a flag somewhere whether the “current SQL” is plsql or sql, and not try to explain plsql…



Regarding request 1) : I’d also like to have “last_call_et” - to be able to quickly identify stale/timed-out sessions.


I also agree with the request 1)


Hi all,

  1. In Session Browser, when you selected a session in the grid, in Session tab you should be able to see all the columns (module, action, client_info and last_call_et), is that what you’re looking for?

2)Could you please provide more information and the steps for this problem? We use the following SQL statement to get current SQL.


Also try to use SQL Monitor to capture the SQL when you get “Error inSQL: ORA-00905: missing keyword” and send back the captured SQLs.



Hi, jchan,

  1. Indeed, but we’d like to be able to view more columns in the top half of the session grid (above the tabs “Session”, “Process”, “IO”,…)
  2. I’ve attached a screenschot of a session with PL/SQL code, which triggers the ORA-00905 error in the explain plan pane.



  1. yes, the info is there in the session tab, but i’d like to see it already in the report (so that it can be toggled with right-click -> visible columns, like others)
  2. see the picture - the active SQL/PLSQL of the selected session goes to position 1, the explain plan of the statement goes to position 2, error, when plan can’t be shown, goes to position 3 (lack of rights for example). Also, the errors get logged to position 4. as you can see, it’s a plsql call, so no explain plan possible. I can live with the error message in position 3, but can the error flood to position 4 be turned off (for at least ORA-00905)? And what i tried to ask was, not to perform explain plan at all when “current sql” is plsql. Not only to hide the error, but not to even try to generate one for plsql.



Hi Radar and Andres,

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will add these two enhancement request in our future release. Except module, action, client_info and last_call_et, what other column you think is useful? I will add them together in one ER.