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Limits on how to organize columns in Session Browser

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Session Browser within TOAD for SQL Server and am trying to organize the columns in the following order:

  1. Login

  2. Login Time

  3. Blocked

  4. Blocked by

  5. Database

The problem is that there is a divider in the middle that prevents me from dragging the ‘Login’ column to be the first column on the left of page. Likewise, the Blocked column cannot be moved to the far right of the display. Does anyone know why the first few columns are special? Can anyone explain how to overcome this limitation of how to reorder the columns?

Any help appreciated.


Found it: Right-click on the column header and select Fix Column > None for all the columns. Once that’s done, I can move the Login column to be the first column on the left.

Memo to Dell: Please update the help page for the Session Browser with the above information.