Ability to print data model across multiple sheets of paper

Hello - does the ability to print out a data model onto more than one sheet of paper exist? If one does not have access to a Plotter printer, this would be the next-best way to print out a large data model that covers a large amount of paper real estate, as far as I’m aware. If there is a better way to do it within TOAD DM, I’d like to know what other options I might have.


Hi Patrick,

Toad Data Modeler does this by default. If your page size is not able to accomodate the full model, it will break up the print into pages. You can view the page layout on the Workspace. There are indicators to show page # in rows and columns (i.e. 2,1 means row 1 page 2) and lines to indicate page boundaries. Is that what you were looking for?

So if I want to print out my data model over say, 4 pages, then I have to fit all the tables into 4 page boundaries, correct? Are there any other settings I need to have a certain way to ensure that as much of the paper is used as possible?

Hi Patrick,

That’s all there is to it. Just drag the objects into the page boundaries you want. Feel free to contact me directly at kevin.stern@quest.com if you are still having any problems getting it to print exactly the way you want it to.


Kevin Stern

Product Manager