Printing multiple WorkSpaces

Is there a way to print multiple WorkSpaces in one shot? It seems I have to print each WorkSpace one by one, which is time consuming for 32 WorkSpaces.

Hi Paul,

this is not possible now. The only workaround I see it to generate HTML report for all workspaces - this will create pictures of all the workspaces in report folder. Then use some other application to print multiple files at once.

Please feel free to send your suggestions to our ideapond at

Thank you.


Hi Vaclav,

Thanks for the answer, I’ll submit a suggestion.

I do really enjoy using Toad Data Modeler, it’s been rock solid for years and lets me get my job done quickly and efficiently.

Keep up the good work,

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for your feedback. We are glad you like the tool, really! And the ideapond should help us to move the product the right direction :slight_smile: