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Data Model Printing issue

Hello -

I’ve got it printing on the 11x17 paper that I want, but it is printing with what appears to be 2” margins on the top and 4” margins on the sides. I have my model limited to 4 print areas ([1,1], [1,2],[2,1], [2,2]), and it will print those 4 pages, but cannot capture all the tables within each print area. My Print Preview is showing all the tables I expect it to show for each Page, but it’s not actually printing all of them on paper.

The Model and Driver of the Printer are both listed as: Xerox Global Print Driver PS

I’ve worked with Kevin Stern a bit on this and he indicated that he was also having issues with this Print Driver, but he is out until tomorrow. Can someone look into this and let me know how to resolve this printing issue?

Thank you!

Hello Patrick,

if you work with 11x17 paper size, please make sure you select the correct paper type in printer properties. Some printers ignore paper orientation and that’s why it is necessary to select either TABLOID (11x17) or LEDGER (17x11) paper format.

More information about paper sizes:

I hope it helps,


Hi Vaclav,

I did verify that the Printer Properties matched with my selected paper size, and the issue is still present. Please advise.



Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce that with your printer driver, because I am not able to install the same printer on my machine.
However, I installed PDF creator ( and tried to print larger model to PDF large paper format.

When tabloid is selected, the result is incorrect.


When ledger is selected, the result seems to be OK.


I can recommend you a quick workaround only - install PDFCreator (or try another PDF printer) and choose paper type LEDGER. This is probably the fastest solution.



Agree with Vaclav Frolik .