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Able to connect to PostgreSQL DBs using ODBC driver, but not able to connect to particular BDL DB(again its PostgreSQL) using ODBC; throwing error


Hi Team,

Following are the steps followed:

  1. Create New Connection

  2. Selected “ODBC Generic” under Group

  3. Data Source Name: Click on the icon

  4. Click Add

  5. Select “Devart ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL” and click on Finish

  6. Provided all the configurations and clicked on “Test Connection”

Below is the error:

[Devart][ODBC][PostgreSQL]password authentication failed for user "**********’

NOTE: When followed similar steps for other PostgreSQL DBs, am able to connect successfully, but facing issue for this particular DB.

Please help!




it looks like Particular DB issue, we tried Devart ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL are able to do connection. Can you open a support case with support man? so that we could gather more information with Support bundle, Toad.log and ODBC driver log