access vioation when view Hex value


I get the access violation error in version when I click the data tab
of the table and then double click the column and the pop up window shows and
when you hit Hex value tab then the access violation message shows. However it
works fine in 9.7 version.

Is this a bug? or do I need to check some settings? or it got fixed in 10.6

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much


Hi, any updates on this one please?



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It is fixed in 10.6, however, the Hex component doesn’t seem to fully
support Unicode and I’ve seen some oddities in my testing. There is
another Hex component out there that does support Unicode that I may swap with
as time permits. The Hex view has been made readonly in the popup editor for
this reason until it can be resolved.



Thanks so much for the updates.


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