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Access Violation when trying to access editor?


Hello all. Im a newbie here. Hopefully someone can assist with this error I am getting.

I’m using TOAD version currently and have had no real issues until now.

It appears I can log in fine through several DB’s, however when my Editor tries to pull up, I get an Access Violation and it won’t connect.

Here is the errror I am getting:
**“Access violation at address 011F2E53 in module ‘toad.exe’. Read of address 00000320”
**Can anyone tell me why I’m getting this error? I’ve used this same version for quite a while now with no issues.

Thanks in advance!


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Click Start, then click My Computer,my computer, local disk C: \ Program Files \ Quest Software \ Toad for Oracle \ User Files, delete files ToadActions.dat, ToadActions.log and ToadActions.err, copy from another desktop and ToadActions.dat ToadActions . log