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Action Palette Wows

I am new to using the Action Palette. Somehow I accidently made it full screen and when I click on it there is an icon on the right that opens it. When I try to right click on an Action and chose an option say copy, a split second later the Action Palette closes before I can actually do anything. I want it put back the way it was before as having the full screen plus having it close when I try to right click makes it very hard to work with. Have no idea where the option is to go back to the default which was just fine for me. No idea why anyone in the world would want it not to allow right clicking, but that is besides the point.

See screen shots.

Please assist.



Screen Shots.pdf (259 KB)

The action palette is part of Toad for Oracle. This is the Toad for Data Analyts forum. Can you post your question on Toad for Oracle forum and they can help you out.